early_new_life _in_WASH-DC_album
early_new_life _in_WASH-DC_album
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The assistances which we received from the Rowe’s family and from other American friends like Mr.and Mrs. Richard and Peggy Davies and Mr. and Mrs. John and Suzanne Bush from the Georgetown Presbyterian Church, Mr. Ron Cooke, Vice President of Giant Food Inc. and CDR Butch Kerr, USNR, who opened their hearts and extended their arms to help and took care of me and our family were greatly appreciated and our gratitude to them always memorized by us forever.

Our Frienship in War and Peace

(Updated October 10 2017)

(Dedicated To Colonei Edward Dorsey Rowe, US Army and Commander Thong Ba Le, SVN Navy)

The friendship, you are wonderful,
you're always there for friends, depressed,
to comfort. Your care is thoughtful,
which takes away our loneliness.

The friendship, the miracle that heals
the wounds of those who've suffered
the failures in life and until
you touch your friends' hearts with love

The friendship, the gift was given by
the kindness, the goodness and love,
looks like the clouds flying in the sky
or the sea rushing to the cove.

The friendship, we admire for what
you had done for us since the past.

Thanks for visiting and have a nice day!

Thong Ba Le and Family

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Friendship Reunion Sept 2017
Family and Friends of Le and Rowe